Iran to resume implementation of its stalled projects in Iraq

The secretary-general of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, Hamid Husseini announced the approval of the Iraqi government to resume the stalled technical and engineering projects of Iranian companies in the country. 


"Last year, we exported an average of 20 million dollars to Iraq daily , and this pace is coninueing this year," Husseini said at a joint Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.


The Secretary-General of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce pointed out that the value of Iranian exports to Iraq since March 21 (the beginning of the new Iranian year) to date amounted to 965 million dollars, adding: Of course, the volume of exports decreases every year at the end of March because of Newroz holidays.


Husseini noted that the federal government has recently agreed to resume stalled technical and engineering projects of Iranian companies, adding: The Iraqi government also announced its willingness to pay their dues.


He said that the value of technical and engineering projects carried out by Iran in Iraq is 4 billion dollars, adding: Of this amount, only $ 1.2 billion has been paid in recent years, and with the new Iraq's decision, more projects will soon be implemented.




PUKmedia / Agencies

15/5/2019 17:39:00