The judiciary begins investigation: The possibility of canceling the decision to elect Nineveh’s governor

On Tuesday, MP Hussein Narmo said that the Council of Representatives will discuss during its next meeting what happened in the Nineveh Provincial Council and the mechanism of electing the new governor.


In an exclusive statement to PUKmedia, the MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, Hussein Narmo said: The Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and the prosecution began investigating allegations of corruption that affected the process of electing the governor of Nineveh.


He added: 15 MPs for the province of Nineveh submitted a request to the Council of Representatives on suspicions of corruption and deals for the sale and purchase of the post of governor of Nineveh between some sides, and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives sent the request to the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and the Attorney-General, where the investigation began, and if suspicions of corruption were found in the matter, the decision to elect the governor of Nineveh will be canceled.


He pointed out that there is likely to be corruption in the election of the governor because the 15 members who submitted the request for investigation cannot have no documents and evidence to prove the involvement of political parties to sell the purchase of the post of governor of Nineveh.



PUKmedia Exclusive 

14/5/2019 12:04:00