Finding of 5 mass graves in Sinjar district

The concerned authorities in the Sinjar district found 5 mass graves containing the remains of 75 martyrs of the Yazidis and Shiites in the outskirts of Sinjar district.


Ran Shangali, a member of the Nineveh Organization Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, told PUKmedia: During the current month, the relevant authorities were informed of the existence of more than 5 mass graves in the areas of Khirbi Musi and Gali Aji in the Sulagh area of Sinjar district.


She added that the mass graves contained the remains of more than 75 martyrs of the Yazidis, including four of the Shiite brothers of the Sanga district of Tal Afar, noting that one of the women survivors from the hands of the IS terrorists, reported the existence of mass graves.


She said that the survivor confirmed that their area had been subjected to genocide by IS terrorists and confirmed that the mass grave contained the remains of children, women and elderly people.



PUKmedia Exclusive 

22/4/2019 11:10:00