The unveiling of the monument of President Mam Jalal in Damascus

The Office of Relations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Damascus unveiled the monument of the nation's president, President Mam Jalal, during a ceremony attended by many political and partisan figures of Iraq, Syria and Palestine.


During the ceremony, the representative of the Syrian People's Assembly, Omar Osa, said: "The PUK is a school for the strugglers, praising the role and place of the nation's president, Mam Jalal in the region and the Middle East in general.


Samira Jibril, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, valued the role of President Mam Jalal in establishing Kurdish-Palestinian relations.


At the end of the ceremony, the artist Saladin Jassim, the designer of the monument, said: The completion of the monument of President Mam Jalal required me to see many pictures of the days of the armed struggle, noting that the achievement is his first political work.




PUKmedia / Kurdsat News

21/4/2019 19:31:00