A witness: Anfal campaigns are a disgrace on the buried system's forehead

The Head of Halabja Municipality called on the federal and the region governments to pay serious attention to the families of victims of the Anfal campaigns.


The former regime launched campaigns under the name "Anfal" in 1987, 1988 against the people of Kurdistan in 8 stages, which resulted in the deaths of more than 182 thousand people.


Kwestan Akram, Head of Halabja Municipality, one of the witnesses to the Anfal campaigns, said in a statement to PUKmedia on Tuesday: The Anfal campaigns are a disgrace on the buried Ba'ath regime's forehead, calling on the federal and regional governments to minimize the suffering of survivors and families of the victims of Anfal and to compensate them materially and morally to reduce the tragedy they suffered.


Akram added that the areas of Garmian and Halabja were subjected to Anfal operations, and that the fates of most of the Anfal victims are still unknown, pointing out that she was a witness to the criminal operations carried out by the Baathist regime.


She noted that this history should be passed on to future generations, and this can be done by making documentary films by using the real characters who were exposed to the Anfal campaigns.


"The Ba'ath criminals were holding 300 people in a small hall and we stayed in this hall for 48 days during the summer, during which they were subjected to various kinds of oppression," said Kwestan Akram, as she was talking about the suffering suffered during the arrest and Anfal operations in Tobzawa, adding that "several people died and were not buried and remained exposed."


It is noteworthy that the criminal chemical Ali who is the cousin of Saddam Hussein, led the Anfal campaigns against the Kurds. The campaign included the use of ground attacks, aerial bombardment, systematic destruction of Kurdish cities and towns, mass deportations, execution squads and chemical warfare which introduced Ali Hassan Majid as "chemical Ali."


Thousands of civilians were killed during the eight-stage campaign. The attacks were part of a long campaign that destroyed nearly 4,500 Kurdish villages.






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16/4/2019 18:48:00