A Journalist: The mass grave in Samawah includes the remains of more than 100 martyrs

The Journalist Ali Hussein Abbas in the province of Muthanna confirmed that the new mass grave that was found in the desert of Samawah includes the remains of Kurdish martyrs and dates back to the time of Anfal campaigns.


The journalist Ali Hussein Abbas said during a special statement to PUKmedia: The new mass grave, which was recently found in the desert of Samawah, includes the remains of more than 100 Kurdish martyrs, consisting children and women, pointing out that these martyrs were buried by the Ba'ath regime during the time of the Anfal campaigns.


He added that the competent teams had opened the mass grave in the first place and found the remains of a child who was found to be a Kurd through her clothes and then the mass grave was closed to get official approvals by the Human Rights Commission and the foundation of martyrs and political prisoners and the competent authorities to open the grave in an official manner.


He pointed out that one of the citizens who witnessed the crime in the time of the former Ba'ath regime has informed the local government of the location of the mass grave.




PUKmedia Exclusive

14/4/2019 13:23:00