NASA: Erbil is the oldest inhabited settlement

The US space agency, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA, has suggested that Erbil is the oldest inhabited human settlement and it is dating back to at least 6000 years. The Erbil Citadel has been received through Sumerian, Assyrian, Sassanid, Mongol, Christian, and Ottoman hands all through history and it is been house to mosques, churches, synagogues, schools, and homes.


The agency said in a statement: “The Erbil Citadel has retained its status among all the civilizations that have passed through the region, beginning with the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, to the Mongols, then the Ottomans and others.”


The statement said: “Erbil Castle was included in the World Heritage List in 2014. It is built on just over 10 hectares, pointing to an image of the agency that floats to 20 November 2018, and the castle appears in the middle of what resembles a wagon wheel.”




3/4/2019 10:10:00