Kirkuk council approves raising Kurdistan Region's flag over governmental facilities

Kirkuk provincial council had approved today Tuesday, 28 of March, to raise the flag of Kurdistan Region above the governmental facilities in Kirkuk province.
Mr. Rebiyar Talabani, Head of Kirkuk provincial council thanked in a press conference all the political blocks who voted on the request to raise Kurdistan Region's flag over Kirkuk's governmental facilities, adding that this day is a historical day for Kirkuk and Kurds "today is Kirkuk's national day".
For years, the Federal Government had neglected the constitutional article 140, today marked the executing of that article, Mr. Talabani stressed.
Kirkuk Provincial Council also approved that today 28 of March will be marked as a national celebration day which Kirkuk shall celebrate every year.
on March 20, the Kurdish flag was officially raised by the provincial government alongside the Iraqi one at Kirkuk’s castle during a Newroz event.
Kirkuk Governor Najmadeen Karim announced in mid-March that Kurdish language would be used together with Arabic in all official provincial communication and the Kurdish flag would be flown at provincial government institutions, as permitted in the Iraqi constitution.
Rawaa Samer

28/3/2017 12:16:00