Erbil … Celebration held on the Fourth of July

The American - Kurdish Friendship Association held a celebration in coordination with the US consulate in Rotana Hotel in Erbil on the occasion of 239 anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America.
The event was attended by Head ...

9 people killed and wounded in car bomb blast in al- Bayaa area

9 people were killed and wounded yesterday, when a car bomb exploded in Ahuhadaa al Bayaa area southwest of the capital Baghdad.
A security source told PUKmedia that a car bomb exploded this afternoon near the   Kubaisi mosque in al Baya...

Lahur Talabani: Every single Kurd wants to have a free independent Kurdistan

Kurdish fighters and leaders are intent on carving an independent state out of Northern Iraq after they wrest back vital territory from the Islamic State "whether the U.S. likes it or not," according to American and international security forces on the...


Extended partnership to improve electricity in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Erbil, 5 July 2015 –On 2 July, the regional Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) extended their partnership to improve the electricity sector. UNDP will play a pivotal role in upda...


90 civilians killed in Fallujah since start of Ramadan

Iraq’s Al-Wataniya coalition said in a Saturday press conference that, since the beginning of Ramadan on June 18, some 90 civilians had been killed and 100 injured in the western Anbar province’s city of Fallujah – currently held by t...


Greeks head for polls in bailout referendum

Millions of Greeks headed to the polls on Sunday to vote on proposals for bailing out their ailing economy.
The vote, which some claim will also determine Greece’s continued membership of the eurozone, will see around 10 million Greeks eligi...


Teen Reunited with Soldier Who Helped Her Escape from Iraq 18 Years Ago

An 18-year-old Georgia student's recent high school graduation was more than just a special milestone – it was a reunion with someone she met when she was just 36 days old.
In 1996, Lava...

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"There’s no 'ethnic cleansing' in Til Abyad against the Turkmen and Arabic population."

Interview with Rami Abdulrahman, head of the “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights” (SOHR), London
The SOHR is an organization located in London. It collects and publishes informati...

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Saddam Is Long Gone, But His Minefields Still Maim and Kill

Kurdish deminers work to clear thousands of deadly traps
In the spring sunshine on the rolling green pastures along the Iraqi border with Syria, a Kurdish man scans ...

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