Saddam Hussein killed in Mosul

Mosul Notables Council announced the killing of the terrorist who is in charge of the suicide file who is called "Saddam Hussein" in a security operation carried out in the area of 17 Tamuz area located on the left side of the city.
A source from ...

Iraq predicts oil will rise to $64-65 per barrel

IRAQI OIL Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi said Sunday he expects the price of crude oil, which dropped to a six-year low in January, to continue recovering to reach $64 or $65 per barrel.
“I don’t think they (prices) will return to their fo...

Peshmerga forces killed dozens of ISIL in Shingal

Kurdistan Peshmerga forces repelled on Sunday, March 1st, an attack by ISIL in Shingal; the clashes resulted in killing and wounding dozens of ISIL Insurgents.
The commander Brig. Qadir khorani 4 Brigade 8 of the Peshmerga told PUKmedia that ISIL ...


Turkish PM: drop obstacles to Kurdish solution talks

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said that promises on PKK disarmament and the abandonment of a "violence culture" must be fulfilled for the country's solution process on the Kurdish issue to succeed.
"I want to make a call: pose no more...


Several areas liberate in Salahuddin province

The Samarra operations command announced on Monday 2/3/2015, liberating several areas east of Samara district.
The Samarra Operations Commander Maj. Gen. Imad Al- Zuhairi said during press that the security forces backed by the popular crowd liber...


ISIL releases Assyrian Christian hostages

Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group have released 21 Assyrian Christians they abducted during an offensive against Kurdish fighters in the northeastern Hasakah governorate.
The hostages, part of the more than 250 peop...


Kurdistan: historical perspectives and contemporary travels

Against the background of the long and complicated history of the Kurds, Sir Terence Clark, a former British Ambassador to Iraq, will describe the different paths the Kurdish communities in Turkey,...

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Interview with christian students from Kurdistan

On Sunday, February the 22nd a film crew which prepares the documentary "N as the Nazarenes," about the life of Christians in the Middle East, led by the director Maciej Grabysa, filmed  inter...

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ISIS May Have Committed Genocide Against Iraq Minorities, Report Says

"Many minority communities continue to live under the threat of mass killing in Iraq," an advocate said

The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) has systematically targeted min...

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Currency Prices  … Iraqi Dinar
US Dollar $ 1247
British Pound £ 1915
Euro 1412